Zombie Apocalypse Project

Real Life Zombies



There are scattered reports of large numbers of individuals being “infected” by something that turns them into zombies.  It is unclear what is causing the outbreak, but it is known that infection can be passed through saliva or contact with contaminated blood or bodily fluids. 


·         Infected individuals lack most cognitive (thinking) skills, feel little to no pain, and have decreased motor or coordinative muscle movements. 


·         They can however, see, hear, touch, smell, and groan.


·         The infected or dead also seek to devour the living paying particular attention to the spinal column and central nervous system.


Your group works in the Center for Disease Control and is responsible for diagnosing what affects this zombie infection has on the human nervous system. 


Using the information you gather or been provided in class generate a presentation that focuses on answering the following questions:




˜  What areas of the brain does the zombie virus affect? Be specific

˜  How do the diseased areas of the brain influence the behavior of infected individuals?

˜  What instruments would you use to diagnose the infected areas of the brain?


It is critical that you make connections between the human nervous system and human behavior. 


This project is meant to be both fun and educational.  You should be able to both think critically and use creativity to complete the report. 


You will present your findings to the rest of the class.  You are expected to answer all of the key questions and reinforce your “observations” using visual representations. 



These sites are fictitious but do a great job of saying what would happen to the human body with a virus infection 

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