Human Body Research Choice Project

 Project  Resources and Examples to get you thinking

Create a functional model of an organ or system from household objects.  You will need to create the model and write a description of how the model is functionally similar to the real organ.  

 Body System Research

3D Body

Lung Model

Recycled Heart Model
Create a song, rap, or poem, about any specific body system and its structures.  Must identify the organ system and demonstrate understanding of the function of the system

Design an acrostic for your body system. Provide descriptions about the function of the system for each letter

Needs to be at least 20 lines.

Body System Rap Example

Pretend you are a piece of food entering the mouth of a human and working its way through the digestive system.  

Create a descriptive story of your complete travels through the digestive system by creating postcards showing what is happening to you as you travel through the major organs of the digestive system.  

Kids Health Digestive System

Research a disease

that affects at least two body systems.  Do a three-five minute speech (oral report) explaining the cause of this disease and how it affects the function of the body systems. 

You must also include how the disease can be prevented or any possible treatment options for the disease.  The report will be given in class
 Kids Health Diseases and Conditions

Creating Infographics

Create a Museum Exhibit for a body system, organ, or condition (issue).  

This could be a poster, prezi, powerpoint, glogster, infographic, diorama, shadow box etc...

This can be about a disease of a system, a specific organ, technology, or the whole system.   you can use your own or my account for this.. Check the Creating Infographics link for the logins

Creating Infographics
Create a Comic Book that shows how the immune system and nervous system work together.  Your comic will contain at least three characters:

1) T cell trying to destroy an invading germ

2) a germ trying to escape from the immune system

3) one part of the nervous system
 Viral Attack Comic Book

Inner World Comic
 Create a cereal box presentation of a human body system Human Body Cereal Project

 Using a Concept Map, describe how at least Three-Five body systems we studied are connected

-Label each system and identify its main functions

-When you connect a system to another system, make sure your linking explains why they are connected

-Connect each system to at least two other systems

 Muscular System Concept Map

 Create a Lab…

Write a formal lab experiment concerning the function of at least one of the following systems: Circulatory, Muscular, Nervous, Respiratory, or Skeletal.  This must follow the format of a formal lab write-up.  Ask your teacher for a template to use!

We did several labs during class.
 Ideas for this could be

How does type of sense affect reaction time?  

How does respiratory rate change with different activities?

Compare and Contrast Systems

Explain how the following systems interact and/or depend on each other by comparing and contrasting the functions of several systems.  

Fill out a graphic organizer in your journal and

Write a one page description for each pair listed.  Choose 3 pairs of systems to research and investigate


Immune System/Integumentary System
Integumentary System/Skeletal System
Immune System/Circulatory
Circulatory System/Digestive System
Lymphatic System/Circulatory System

 Compare Contrast Human Body
Create a set of trading cards for the organs within the body system of your choice. Each card should include a picture of the organ, the function of the organs as well as the other organs that depend on it. I will laminate them if they are well done.

interactive trading card creator

example trading cards

Trading Card template for word

 Body System Wearable

Create a Wearable that shows the major organs and functions of a particular system.  This could be made from a T-Shirt, A large brown paper grocery sack, etc...

you will need to provide the materials from home
 Wearable Body System Example

 Zombie Apocalypse Presentation


Creating Infographics
Video Presentation

You have been invited to be the first news reporter to participate in a new nanotechnology that allows people to shrink to super small sizes. In your smaller state, you will be able to travel through the human body and make various stops at organ systems and their organs. Use this opportunity to interview major organs about their contribution to their systems, as well as the total health of the body. After deciding the order of your trip and how you would like it to be organized, create a video to document your trip through the body.
  Develop an advertisement for your body system. Include the organs and their functions, the function of the system, and how the other body systems rely on your body system  
 Create a body system flipbook. Use one flap for each body system. Draw the system and its organs, and show how each system helps the body function.

 Make a human body board game. It must contain information on all of the body systems and their importance to the health of the body. 
 Although all of the systems of the human body are interdependent, which system do you feel is most important? Prepare a persuasive speech that explains and supports your point of view. 
 Make an informational pamphlet on your body system and its importance to the body’s function. (make sure to include the organs and their functions) 
 Write a Journal entry for a day in the life of a body system of your choice. Your day should begin when the body goes to sleep and continue for 24 hours. 
 Create a children's book that explains how the other body systems rely on the body system of your choice