Human Body Cereal Project

Human Body 
Cereal Box Project

As a culminating project of our human body system study, you and your group will create a cereal box that has detailed information about your chosen topic. You will use resources such as your science notebooks, classroom resources, and recommended internet sites. Both the CONTENT of the information on your cereal box and the DESIGN QUALITY of your artwork and writing are important!

empty cereal box, markers, construction paper, tape, glue, pictures, etc.

Front of Box
The name of your organ or system should go on the front of the box similar to the brand name on a cereal box. There should also be a labled diagram showing either the parts of the organ or the organs in your system. This can be hand-drawn and colored OR a copy that you color.

Back of the Box
The back of your box should include the following information:
  1. The function of your organ/system
  2. The process of how it works (the steps of the process)

Left Side
Tell about a disease or disorder associated with your system/organ. What causes the disorder/disease? What are the symptoms?How can it be treated?

Right Side
List at least 4 interesting facts about your system/organ

Your group members’ names!

You should be able to open the top of your box. Make it look like top of a real cereal box.

Inside Inside

Put a “prize” related to your organ/system.