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Rock Cycle Interactives

Follow the steps below to successfully complete your handout..

Step 1: Start Here:  Rock Cycle Diagram

Step 2: Complete the Cycle See if you can name the different parts of the rock cycle.

Step 3:  Read about the Types of Rocks 
Summarize key points of each rock type on your handout

Step 4:  Now click on How Rocks Change and summarize each of the processes shown.  

Step 5:  Now try to Transform Rocks and summarize each of the processes shown.

Step 6: Finally click Test Your Skills to see how much you know about Rocks and the Rock cycle

Step7:  Rock Cycle Project:  Summarize the rock cycle.  See the handout in class.  You will only have today in class to work on this so use your time efficiently.

Additional animations (to use to help you)