Geologic Time Scale Project 2016


The Project: You work for an advertising agency and you have just won a contract with a very unusual client. Most travel agencies sell vacations in space...that is, you move from one place to another, spend some time there and then come home. 

Your client is different because they sell vacations in time...vacationers stay in the same space but travel back in time, enjoy some space there and then come home. 

The Task: Your job is to develop a commercial (a brief powerpoint) showing people what their vacation destination will entail. You will be assigned a geologic time. Your presentation will cover 6 slides and must include the information found below:

Slide One and Two:
- Name of assigned time era, period, or epoch.
- When did it start?
- When did it end?
- What era and period is it part of (if applicable)?
- Picture (overview)
- What makes your period time unique (How will they know they are there)?

Slide Three and Four:
- What major events in geologic history occurred during this time - formation of mountains, oceans, continents, volcanic activity, erosion, etc. (major attractions)?
- Picture (what did the earth or continents look like?)
- What was the climate like - temperatures, precipitation, ice ages, etc. (what should the traveler pack)?

Slide Five and Six:
- What animals or life forms lived during this time (at least 4 organisms)? - Is the visitor likely to eat or be eaten?
- What plant life lived during this time (at least 2 organisms)? 
- Pictures of organisms
- What organisms first appeared during this time?
- What organisms disappeared during this time?

Resources: Use the resources below to help you with your research (site your resources!!!):

Earth Maps From Geologic Time Periods:     Site 1          Site 2             Site 3

Example Presentations